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Curiosity killed the Flutter

Overview In this post I'd like to give you a high level overview of the Flutter framework; I try to explain what Flutter is and isn't, how it works, and instead I deliberately ignore how to start to code with it, as there's plenty of material online. Stay with me if it sounds interesting to you. What Flutter is Flutter is a cross-platform framework (developed by Google), based on the Dart programming language  (developed by Google). Flutter allows developers to deploy a mobile application on both Android and iOS; the very same application, actually. Last but not least, Flutter is the primary way to write an application for Fuchsia , a new os (developed by Google). At the time of writing, September 2019: Name Stable Initial Stars Open issues Commits Contributors Forks Flutter 1.9.1 05.2017 75269 7888 15773 446 9282 Dart 2.5.0 10.2011 4267 4895 66676 233 552 Note that Flutter can also deploy the application as web application and